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September Newsletter

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Pool Safety Rules For Kids

10 swimming rules help assure that pools remains safe for kids: It takes only moments for a child to drown, often with no sound of warning. Here are 10 swimming pool safety rules from the National Safe Kids Campaign and the National Safety Council:

*1. Surround your pool with at least a 5-foot-high childproof fence with latching gates, and add a pool alarm for more protection.

*2. Never leave kids unattended around the pool, and designate a swimming adult to watch over children in the pool.

*3. Teach kids to swim. Enroll them in classes when they're ready, usually by age 3.

*4. Teach water safety habits such as no running, pushing or dunking in/near pool.

*5. Use Coast Guard-approved life jackets to keep kids afloat (don't rely on inflatable toys).

*6. Remove toys from the pool area when not in use; toys left nearby can attract unsupervised children.

*7. In case of an emergency, make sure key telephone numbers are posted nearby (also keep rescue and first aid equipment on hand).

*8. Learn to swim and get certified in infant/child CPR to ensure that you are equipped to handle a drowning emergency.

*9. Teach children about the dangers of deep and shallow ends of the pool (unless they are good swimmers).

*10. Don't let your kids jump or dive into the shallow end of the pool; make sure the water is at least 5 feet deep for diving to be safe.


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